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Three factors to consider when choosing a tension sensor

The tension sensor is often used on the platform scale or hook scale and overload protection. A precise tension value detection device.

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How to choose the right tension sensor

With the continuous introduction of large weighing instruments, the use of tension sensors is becoming more widespread. The unique advantage of the tension sensor is that it can be accurately weighed, so it is used in a large number on the hook scale or platform scale.

How to choose the floor scale sensor

The weighbridge sensor is equivalent to the heart of the weighbridge. If the weighbridge sensor is of poor quality or the model is not suitable, it will make the weighbridge weighed accurately.

The relationship between the accuracy of the load cell and the angular difference and the solution

We know that a load cell is actually a sensing device that converts a quality signal into a measurable electrical signal output. The load cell is divided into 8 types according to the conversion method, and is most widely used in the resistance strain type.

Application case of spoke type sensor in hydraulic system

Pressure sensors are mainly used in: supercharger cylinders, superchargers, gas-liquid booster cylinders, gas-liquid boosters, presses and other fields.

Pull pressure sensor common fault

Zero thermal drift is an important indicator affecting the performance of pressure sensors and has received extensive attention. Internationally, the zero thermal drift is only dependent on the inequality of the force-sensitive resistor and its temperature nonlinearity. In fact, the zero thermal drift is also related to the reverse leakage of the force-sensitive resistor. At this point, polysilicon can absorb heavy metal impurities in the substrate, thereby reducing the reverse leakage of the force sensitive resistor, improving the zero point thermal drift, and improving the performance of the sensor.

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