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Three factors to consider when choosing a tension sensor

  The tension sensor is often used on the platform scale or hook scale and overload protection. A precise tension value detection device. In order to ensure that a reliable quality tension sensor can be purchased, the parameters should be carefully checked and used according to the actual use. To choose, due to the different pull force values or precision capabilities of different types of tension sensors, in order to purchase suitable tensile sensors, the following factors should be considered:

  First: Range measurement range and size

  The reason for considering the measurement range when purchasing the tension sensor is that because of different product measurement requirements and different pull force values, the range measurement range should not be too large or too small, so it is necessary to choose within a suitable range to ensure The normal use of the sensor reduces the effects of various loads and does not affect the service life of the tension sensor due to the overload.

  Second: The level of accuracy

  Different tension sensors are different in accuracy level. The reference accuracy level at the time of purchase is also a key reference data. The high precision can provide users with more valuable measurement data and provide reliable tension for production in different industries. Value. The enterprise hopes that the higher the accuracy of the tension sensor, the better. The more accurate the sensor accuracy measurement is, the higher the value can be measured.

  Third: Stability of voltage output

  Users who understand the pull sensor know that the stable output of the voltage is important and can assist the sensor's ability to measure different pressure values. And the voltage and resistance that the tension sensor can output will change according to the object, so only the stable voltage output can provide more accurate and stable tension value measurement for the industry users.

  In summary, it is the three factors that should be considered in the selection of tension sensors described by Xiaobian. Different industries can locate reference factors according to actual needs when purchasing. Of course, reliable tensile sensors are inseparable from these. The selection conditions, of course, in addition to these key factors can not ignore the price and sensitivity of the product, only the tensile force sensor that resists the external environment can ensure high adaptability and forceful use.