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How to choose the floor scale sensor

  The weighbridge sensor is equivalent to the heart of the weighbridge. If the weighbridge sensor is of poor quality or the model is not suitable, it will make the weighbridge weighed accurately. Therefore, a variety of influencing factors should be considered when purchasing a weighbridge sensor. Let's take a look at it and find out how to choose the right weighbridge sensor.

  First, according to the use of the environment to choose

  The weighbridge sensor is actually a signal output conversion device that converts the mass signal of an item into an electrical signal that can be measured. However, high temperature, dust, moisture, electromagnetic and corrosive materials will affect the signal conversion of the weighbridge sensor. Therefore, when purchasing, we must first select according to the environment used to ensure accurate under the corresponding environmental conditions. Measure the weight.

  Second, according to the range and the required load

  For the better weighbridge sensors in the industry, the closer the range is to the assigned load, the higher the accuracy of weighing. However, in actual load-bearing behavior, the load acting on the weighbridge sensor is not only called In addition to heavy objects, there are loads such as the weight, tare weight and eccentric load of the weighbridge. Therefore, when purchasing the type, it is necessary to select the model with reasonable range and load according to the actual situation.

  Third, according to the accuracy of use

  The accuracy of the weighbridge sensors is of different grades, each of which contains different technical indicators, including nonlinearity, creep, repeatability, hysteresis, sensitivity, and so on. When purchasing a weighbridge sensor, it is necessary to consider the model based on accuracy requirements and cost.

  If you want to buy the most suitable model of the weighbridge sensor, on the one hand, you should consult the industry personnel about the weighbridge sensor products. On the other hand, you should know the basis for selecting the model of the weighbridge sensor. When selecting the weighbridge sensor, it should not be too blind. It should be based on actual demand, environment and conditions, in order to purchase the model of the floor scale sensor used in the current environment.