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Application case of spoke type sensor in hydraulic system

  Pressure sensors are mainly used in: supercharger cylinders, superchargers, gas-liquid booster cylinders, gas-liquid boosters, presses and other fields.

  The closed loop control of the force is usually done by a pressure sensor. But not every pressure sensor in a particular hydraulic system can do the job. When the control spool suddenly moves, a spike of several times the system operating pressure is formed in a very short time. In typical mobile machinery and industrial hydraulics, any pressure sensor can be destroyed quickly if it is not designed with such extreme conditions in mind.

  In addition, the pressure sensor is subjected to uninterrupted pressure pulsations from the hydraulic pump. Although it is not as severe as a pressure spike, long-term work can cause damage to the sensor. The latest pressure sensors solve this series of problems, and the new design adapts to most applications and can work millions of times.

  This low-power sensor provides very accurate, reliable and stable signals even under harsh conditions, even after many years of use. Moreover, it has excellent overpressure capability and can withstand the pressure fluctuations that often occur in hydraulic systems. The MEMS sensing technology used in this sensor ensures the stability of the output. The sensor can output a linear ratio signal proportional to the operating pressure.

  Typical applications include: hydraulic systems for various vehicles, material handling systems, hydraulic tools and hydraulic systems, material testing machines, adaptive suspension systems