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Warm congratulations to Shanghai JURUNG Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. website successfully launched!

  Warm congratulations to Shanghai JURUNG Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. website successfully launched! Thank you Trueland Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. on the site of our technical support, welcome new and old friends to visit the website.

  Shanghai JURUNG Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of various load cells, load cells, weighing modules, pressure transmitters and displacement sensors. Focus on manufacturing a variety of load cells, including standard and standard sensors. Specially designed special products tailored to meet specific needs can also be manufactured. We are willing to accept new challenges and focus on the development of various new weighing components to better meet the diverse needs of modern weighing and industrial measurement and control.

  The company specializes in the development and sales of various high-precision load cells, tension sensors, weighing modules, miniature load cells, pressure transmitters, weighing instruments, electronic weighing systems and instrumentation. The annual production capacity reaches millions of various sensors, meters and weighing systems. The manufactured sensors are characterized by anti-corrosion, waterproof, explosion-proof, shockproof and lightning-proof. The products we produce include: IoT sensors, steel sensors, aluminum alloy sensors, digital sensors, pressure transmitters, weighing systems, displacement sensors, temperature sensors and other product systems. Deeply favored by users. Products are mainly used in automation control, industrial robots, scale manufacturing, metallurgy, petrochemical, food production, machinery manufacturing, paper, steel, transportation, mining, cement, construction machinery, textile and other industries.

  Companies adhere to the "continuous innovation, excellence, customer service" corporate philosophy, in the technical field has formed a series of talents such as load cells, force sensors, weighing instruments, weighing systems, pressure transmitters; The strong technical development department can provide customers with "one-stop" service; according to customer requirements, complete the design, customization, production and other processes of the product. It has laid a solid technical foundation for the further rapid development of the company. "Continuous innovation, excellence, customer service" is our core values, we will persevere and better serve our customers.

  At any time, the development of the Internet of Things, electronic weighing measurement technology is changing our world and changing our work and life. We are willing to never stop and adhere to the spirit of enterprising, to provide our customers with more perfect and efficient. , reliable products and solutions, become your ideal partner for development and win-win.

  Our contact information is as follows:

  Address: Wuling wisdom science park, 423 wuning road, putuo district, Shanghai

  Phone: 021-52910560

  Fax: 021-52910571

  Service hotline: 13918577092

  WeChat: jurung

  WeChat public number: jurung888


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